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Paige Bellerby

In the run-up to Christmas, we caught up with six people close to the brand to find out how they’ll be spending the holidays. Then the team got together to nominate the current CW model they feel would best suit each as a Christmas present. It’s time to meet Rallycross driver Paige Bellerby…

Paige Bellerby, a racing driver from North Yorkshire, first competed in the British Rallycross Championship age 14 – and, amazingly, won. It made her the first female – and youngest person – to ever do so. She still races each season, but last October also joined the British Army’s Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers – completing basic training earlier this year – so life’s now more full-on than ever. In the day job she’s currently doing her Phase 2 training, which should be completed early in 2020; after that she’ll be posted to a new unit.

“My Army leave runs from 20 December until just after New Year,” Paige says, “so this year I’m lucky to be able to spend Christmas at home with my family and partner. The biggest treat we get is that my dad insists on doing all the cooking – the only time he cooks all year! My parents are separated, so Christmas is extra special as they come together for the day so we can all spend it together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: a simple quiet time with loved ones and friends would be perfect after a crazy, busy year.”


This year I’m lucky to be able to spend Christmas at home with my family and partner. The biggest treat we get is that my dad insists on doing all the cooking – the only time he cooks all year!”

Paige Bellerby

For her fourth ever Christmas, Paige was bought a pair of memorable presents – a doll and a pram from her mum, and a 50cc quad bike from her dad. “That was the gift that started my passion for motor sport,” she says, “so I think it’s fair to say that mum wasted her money on that one!”

There’ll be no racing over winter – “the budget isn’t there for the team to take part in the winter Rallycross series this year,” Paige says, “although we would have loved to take part” – but there’s lots to look forward to in 2020.

The next season begins in April, of course, and Paige intends to compete strongly again, but this year she’ll also be competing in the Armed Forces Karting Championship, representing the Army. “Naturally, I’m really stoked to see how that goes,” she says.


Photo: Mike Petch

This makes it a good time of year for Paige to get the most from her Christopher Ward, a C1 Grand Malvern Moonphase. “I love it,” she says, “but I tend not to wear it on a daily basis, as I like to keep it in condition it came in. But it’s perfect to accessorise with on those evenings where I get to dress up a bit, such as awards nights and Christmas.”

In the meantime, winter will see plenty of man-hours in the garage prepping Paige’s car. “We’ll begin a full re-build of the Lotus soon,” she says, “hoping to put in a newly-built engine and upgraded parts – driveshafts and the like – to withstand the extra power we’re hoping to get. As for my own training, that never stops; partially because in my job we’re always undergoing physical training, and partly because when on leave I try to continue this at home. I don’t really ‘dread’ any aspect of it – even running outside in winter – though, of course, it’s better when it’s dry and warm.”


C65 Trident Automatic

For anybody who has met Paige, you wouldn’t necessarily know you were speaking to the first female to win a British Rallycross Championship aged just 14 from her down to earth and smiley demeanour. As somebody who spends her days training with the British Army and, time permitting, tearing around a mixture of asphalt and dirt over a race weekend, there was a CW particularly suited to Paige’s lifestyle: the C65 Trident Automatic. Rugged yet casual, its automatic movement’s anti-shock system can withstand its fair share of knocks, while its slim case can slip under a jumpsuit for that shot from the podium.

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C65 Trident Automatic dial

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